Edge Construction Specialties is a different kind of finish carpentry company.  While the expertise and experience we provide clients is critical to our success, our true point of difference is an uncompromising commitment to integrity:  the ideal upon which our company was built.


Many companies talk about the importance of relationships, but at Edge Construction Specialties we believe relationships really are our business.  Because the work we do depends on our ability to successfully facilitate and manage work through our team, various partners, and ultimately, to our customers, it is critical that we create value for everyone along the way.  The relationships we build with the people we work for and with are sacred to us.


Our work philosophy can be summed up in two words:  Can Do.  Without hesitation, we consistently do everything in our power to get the job done right by anticipating problems before they occur.


Companies don’t build buildings, people do. Edge Construction Specialties works hard to find and develop only the very best people:  Leaders at every level, who can further our unique culture and business approach.  We are a company of high-integrity professionals.  Humble in our character, we take tremendous pride in our work and the company we continue to build.  We want to hire, work with, and work for good people.


We are a company of strong values and strong culture.  Of relationships, experience and performance.  Of going the extra mile and above all, integrity.  This is our purpose.  This is Edge Construction Specialties.

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